Luxury Glitter Cream

Metallic White
No. 2844.3
Highlighting cream with amazing glitter effects.

This highlighting glitter cream creates metallic glitter effects on your face, neck, and décolleté. The gel-like texture makes it easy to apply the cream evenly. Luxurious, light reflecting glitter particles settle on the skin like crystal dust. The particles adhere well to the skin and do not fall off. Free of perfumes.

Application note:
Use the tips of your fingers to pick up a small amount of Luxury Glitter Cream and apply it in wide strokes to the desired skin areas.

Beauty note:
Use the Make up Factory Eye Contour Brush to pick up a small amount of Luxury Glitter Cream. Then use the brush to apply the glitter cream to the upper eyelash base in a sparkling fine line or apply it on top of the mascara at the ends of the eyelashes.