Golden Glow Stick

Kiss of the Sun
No. 2882.15
Delicately shimmering highlighter stick for a radiant summer complexion.

The Golden Glow Stick consists of a delicately shimmering cream with a hint of color to create a radiant summer complexion. Very fine light-reflecting pigments give skin an enchanting glow. Thanks to the light texture, it is easy to apply and blend the cream evenly. The golden glow highlighter contains vitamin E and panthenol. The cream entices with summer fragrances. The Golden Glow Stick is convenient for use at home and on the go. Don't be without it this summer! Free of paraben.

Application note:
Suitable for the creation of highlights on the cheeks and décolleté. The Golden Glow Stick may be used alone, in combination with make up or underneath blush.

Beauty note:
Apply the highlighter for radiant skin in places like the eyebrow arcs, the nose bridge, and the clavicles.