Strobing Powder

Natural Highlight
No. 2848.1
Light reflecting, loose powder for delicate highlights.

The light reflecting texture of the Strobing Powder is ideal for the strobing trend: using this make up technique the face is modeled and defined using only a highlighter. The loose powder rounds off the make up with an elegant,delicate shimmer. Ultra-fine sparkling particles reflect light off the skin and in doing so emphasize facial features visually. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Fragrance, paraben and mineral oil-free.

Application note:
Apply the shimmering highlights using a finger or brush directly to elevated features: nose, highest point of the cheekbones, below and above the brows, chin or above the lip contour.

Beauty note:
Light points are particularly beautiful when they are deliberately set. Therefore it is better to use a small-scale brush, such as the Soft Blending Brush for application.