Mineral Fixing Powder

No. 2669.1
Transparent compact powder for fixing make up.

The transparent Mineral Fixing Powder invisibly fixes any kind of foundation. It has a matting effect and increases the durability of the make up. The pressed texture of finest ground powder does not crumble and is ideal for when you are on the go. Applied to the skin the powder - with high quality sapphire powder of mineral origins - leaves a velvety feeling. The skin looks blurred and visually refined. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Paraben-free.

Application note:
Apply the powder using the powder brush and apply on top of the foundation evenly. Ideal to fix the Duo Contouring Cream.

Beauty note:
Apply the Mineral Fixing Powder using the Powder Brush for a gentle fixation. For more intensive fixation apply with a tassel. Remove any excess after 5-10 minutes carefully.