CC Mousse

No. 2622.15
Color-correcting and moisturising mousse foundation with silky matt finish.

CC Mousse is a color-correcting make up with mousse-like consistency; the finish is velvety matt. The foundation contains the Sensiteam© agent, which helps to protect the skin from damage due to free radicals. The agent works as antioxidant and establishes the natural skin balance. The mousse hides skin imperfections, lines, and wrinkles. The airy texture makes it easy to apply the foundation evenly. Your skin will feel pleasantly fresh. Free of mineral oils, perfumes, and paraben.

Application note:
Apply a thin covering of the foundation from the middle of the face toward the hairline and neck using the Make up & Camouflage Sponge or the Foundation Brush.

Beauty note:
For best hygiene use a spatula to remove the mousse from its container.