Camouflage Cream

Soft Porcelain
No. 2657.14
Strongly adhering and covering specialty make up. Hides skin blemishes, impurities, anomalies, and even tattoos.

This strongly adhering specialty make up can be used to reliably cover skin blemishes and anomalies such as couperose skin (facial erythrosis) or port wine stains. The cream contains more pigments than regular make up for more effective coverage. The camouflage effect is adjustable. The coverage increases as you build layer upon thin layer. Thanks to the wax ingredients, the camouflage cream adheres even at high temperature. Paraben free.

Application note:
Use the enclosed spatula to remove cream from the container and put it on the back of your hand. Then use your finger to move the cream around to make it more supple for application. Apply the softened cream in a thin even layer to the desired skin patch using a moistened sponge. Apply several layers to achieve the desired coverage. Be sure to blend the cream into the surrounding skin. Apply Fixing Powder for a waterproof finish.

Beauty note:
Mixing differently tinted Camouflage Creams helps to achieve the desired skin color. In case several layers of Camouflage Cream are applied, every individual layer should be dusted with Fixing Powder to achieve a water-proof result.