Waterproof Ultralast Bronzer

Light Bronze
No. 2898.AA
Delicate powder for a silky tanned complexion

The Waterproof Ultralast Bronzer matches your personal skin tone and gives your complexion a fresh and naturally appearing tan. Thanks to its waterproof texture, it surprises with a fabulous long-lasting matte finish, that inspires for up to 8 hours. The bronzer is incredibly easy to apply and goes on evenly. You can use the Ultralast Bronzer as a bronzer and for contouring. Each brush stroke intensifies the opacity, which gives your face depth and dimension. By applying the bronzer, your skin gets a subtle tan with a golden touch. The kind you get from a relaxing summer vacation, as if kissed by the sun.

Application note:
Using the brush, take up some color from the Waterproof Ultralast Bronzer and apply it to your face, focusing on the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Remove the powder residue from the brush or your skin to make the effect light and natural. Additionally, you can contour your face with the bronzer by using a rouge brush to apply it to your cheekbones.

Beauty note:
Apply the product with a powder brush and put highlights in your cheek area. Ideal for contouring.