Mat Sun Teint Powder

Sun Kissed
No. 2884.08
Matt bronzing powder for naturally looking tanned skin all year round

Mat Sun Teint Powder is a tanning powder for all four seasons. It consists of two coordinated color nuances, which tan all skin types evenly and gently all year round. The matt finish provides particularly naturally appearing tanning results. Thanks to the various shades of color you will be able to create the tan of your choice. Dependent on the amount you apply, the tanning will vary from light to intense. The tanning powder is suitable for all skin types. The skin compatibility is dermatologically approved. The tanning powder is free of fragrances and paraben.

Application note:
Use the Make up Factory powder brush to pick up some Mat Sun Teint Powder and dab the brush on the back of your hand to strip it of excess powder. Then use the brush to apply an even dusting of the tanning powder on your face and body. You may mix both tanning powder shades or apply them separately.

Beauty note:
Consider setting accents by applying individual tanning powder shades as blush or highlight on arms, neck, and décolleté. Use the Make up Factory powder brush to create these accents.