No. 22008.1
Intensive immediate help for stressed lips.

With the Lip-up Super Repair Balm, you can expect the expert among lip care products. The intensive immediate help it provides assists effectively with dry, rough lips thanks to moisturising cocoa butter. It will give you velvety soft lips with a naturally shiny finish within a short space of time. The lip balm provides a pleasant, silky lip feel with a cooling and refreshing effect thanks to menthol and camphor. The eucalyptus-like fragrance completes the care experience. Paraben-free. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

Application note:
Apply the Lip-up Super Balm directly to the lips. Repeat regularly for extra soft lips.

Beauty note:
The Lip-up can also be applied underneath a lipstick. Any excess can easily be wiped off with a tissue before applying lip make-up.