Waterproof Eye Liner

No. 2466.01
Waterproof Eye Liner for precise and intense application

You want a fine eyeliner line all day long? But evenings the lid line can subtly become stronger and have more swing? Deep black and matte, but also subtly stronger with more swing, and best of all it holds all day? The new Waterproof Eyeliner from Make Up Factory immediately leaves all competitors in the dust, because it combines all these features in one. With its quick-drying formula the eyeliner line does not run anymore. Say goodbye to crooked lid lines – thanks to the perfect and precise tip that feels just like a brush with its soft fibers, you can truly draw your perfect lid line with ease.

Application note:
Apply the eyeliner starting at the upper lash line moving from the inner corner of your eye to the outer.

Beauty note:
Vary the strength of the lid line with ease: For a fine lid line, apply the Waterproof Eyeliner with a gentle pressure. A little more pressure will give you a thicker lid line.