Eye Styler

No. 243.50
Waterproof contour stick with applicator to create eye shadows.

The Eye Styler is an eye contour liner which also serves as applicator. Thanks to the comfortable waxy consistency, the liner can be applied evenly and with ease. While the creamy liner is still moist, it is still possible to use the applicator for corrections or shadowing. Once the liner is dry, the application will last long, it will be water proof and does not smudge. The separately created color-rich wax liner is contained within a plastic tube to keep the liner moist. Free of perfumes.

Application note:
Trace the eye contour as desired and slightly blur the line. Close tightly after every use! Use the Make up Factory sharpener to sharpen the styler.

Beauty note:
Use the end of the applicator tube to blend the liner with the surrounding skin. This will give your application the professional quality.