Sensitive Eye Shadow Base

No. 250001
Neutral eye shadow foundation in a tube. The eye shadow is guaranteed to last long; there will be no caking in the eyelid crease.

Creamy delicate eye shadow foundation in neutral colors. It prolongs the wear time of eye shadow and prevents caking in the eyelid crease. The eye shadow base evenly covers the eyelids thus hiding small exposed capillaries and redness. The foundation intensifies the luminescence of colors, makes it easier to apply eye make up, and keeps powders in place. Also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Free of paraben, perfumes, and silicone. The dermatological tolerability was confirmed.

Application note:
Use the Eye Shadow Brush to pick up a small amount of Sensitive Eye Shadow Base. Evenly cover the eyelid with a thin layer of the base. Apply the eye shadow immediately after coating your eyelid with the shadow base.

Beauty note:
If you want to create smokey eyes you may want to apply a thin coat of base underneath the lower eyelashes as well.