Eye Lift Corrector

No. 25000
Brightening eye shadow foundation, which create the illusion of an eyelid lift. The concealer neutralises the skin color around the eyes and increases the wear time of eye shadow.

The Eye Lift Corrector consists of a creamy eye shadow foundation and a slightly yellowish tint. This evens out the skin color around the eyes for a smoother look. The concealer lightens the skin and covers redness and exposed small capillaries. Light reflecting pigments give skin a fresher and smoother appearance. The Eye Lift Corrector also increases the wear time of eye shadow. Free of perfumes. The dermatological tolerability was confirmed.

Application note:
Use the Eye Shadow Brush to pick up a small amount of the concealer and distribute it on the entire lid. Then pick up some eye shadow and distribute it.

Beauty note:
To achieve a fresh eye area quickly and easily (without eye shadow) use some Eye Lift Corrector underneath the eyebrow. This lifts the lid visually and tired eyes appear brighter.