Luxury Metallic Eye Shadow

Metallic Brown
No. 282.36
Unique marbled eye shadow with metallic shimmer particles.

The marbled baked eye shadow is interspersed with the metallic shimmer of particles. The shimmering marbled nature makes every layer uniquely brilliant. The soft texture feels pleasant and stays on long while showing your eyes at their most brilliant. The eye shadow has a light and silky consistency and may be applied dry or moist. The colors and shimmer appear more intense if applied in a moist state. Free of perfumes.

Application note:
Apply to the eyelid using the Eye Shadow Applicator or Eye Shadow Brush. Then blend in the eye shadow. For long wear and especially intense colors apply Sensitive Eye Shadow Base first.

Beauty note:
This make up also looks elegant if used to highlight the shoulders, collarbone and décolleté!