Eyeshadow Palette

Touch of Blue
No. 2546.06
Eyeshadow palette with different finishes

The Glamour Eyeshadow Palette consists of ten perfectly harmonized colors. The new high-gloss formula provides immediate glamour with intense shimmer, satin sheen and or matte effects in natural bronze tones. Make your eyes stand out with the Glamour Palette, and make them shine! With ten highly pigmented, natural shades, from soft beige and powerful brown to teal colored tones in metallic, shimmery and matte finishes, you create exciting eye makeup looks. The innovative formula of the pressed powder eyeshadow scores with its creamy-silky texture that is easy to apply, and wows with its intense color transfer.

Application note:
Using the Eye Shadow Brush, apply your desired eyeshadow colors to your eyelid. Then blend lightly. For particularly intense color and longer hold, apply Sensitive Eye Shadow Base first.

Beauty note:
Thanks to their special designs, the palettes become collectors items, and the large integrated mirror makes application even easier.