Eye Colors

Pink meets Orange
No. 254.88
A set of harmonious eye shadow colors for creative eye make up from plain to extravagant.

Four color coordinated eye shadow powders with applicator inside a classy box. The high-quality cast eye shadow has a pleasantly delicate silky texture. The four color nuances allow you to create eye shadow in your personal style from discreet to extravagant using various color combination.

Application note:
Apply to the eyelid using the Eye Shadow Applicator or Eye Shadow Brush. Then blend in the eye shadow. For long wear and especially intense colors apply Sensitive Eye Shadow Base first.

Beauty note:
For a creative, color intense eye make up apply a combination of three of the four color nuances to the upper eyelid as desired. Then use the Eye Contour Brush to apply the fourth color nuance (ideally one of the darker nuances) along the lower eyelash base.