Diamond Stripes

Platinum Earth
No. 2550.10
Shimmering powder eye shadow in five light shades of color for the creation of harmonious eye shadow

The glamorous shimmer of the powder eye shadow makes it easy to create a breath-taking eye make up. Use the five perfectly harmonised color nuances either separately or in countless combinations. The silky texture makes it especially easy to apply the eye shadow and shade your eyelids in brilliant color. Fragrance and paraben-free. The skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

Application note:
Use the Eye Shadow Applicator or the Eye Shadow Brush to pick up the desired eye shadow color and apply it to you eyelid. Blend the colors for a harmonious appearance. For especially intense color and long wear apply Sensitive Eye Shadow Base prior to applying the powder eye shadow.

Beauty note:
Use the light colors to accentuate the moveable lid. The darker colors are best suited if you want great coverage and soft contours.