Chromatic Glam Eye Shadow

Exclusive Beach
No. 2512.15
Long-lasting eye shadow with high-definition pigments and metallic pearl effect.

The innovative Chromatic Glam Eye Shadow in the classy sequin design combines the benefits of fluid, cream, baked, and powder eye shadows. High-definition pigments and precious pearls create magical shimmer effects on the eyelids while providing rich color, which will last up to eight hours. Plant Squalane prevents the loss of skin moisture. A jewel in every cosmetic bag! Free of talcum powder, perfumes, silicone and paraben. The dermatological tolerability was confirmed.

Application note:
Apply to the eyelid using the Eye Shadow Applicator or Eye Shadow Brush. Then blend in the eye shadow. For long wear and especially intense colors apply Sensitive Eye Shadow Base first.

Beauty note:
To enhance the luminescence start your eye make up with the application of Eye Lift Corrector. The concealer does not only lighten the eyelid it also provides a smooth lid surface, hides small wrinkles, and increases the wear time of the Chromatic Glam Eye Shadow.