Ultrastay Brow Cream

Dark Brown
No. 2485.03
Long-lasting tinted eyebrow color

Ultrastay Brow Cream gives your eyebrows a natural appearance, which lasts all day long. The tinted eyebrow color makes eyebrows look thicker; patches with sparse or no hair can be camouflaged. The texture makes it easy to apply the eyebrow cream evenly for naturally looking brows. Use the fast-drying Ultrastay Brow Cream to define and shape your eyebrows. The cream does not smear or bleed. After application and drying, the eyebrow cream will be smudge and waterproof. Paraben and fragrance-free. The skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

Application note:
Use the Eye Contour Brush to pick up a small amount of eyebrow cream and apply it to your eyebrows.

Beauty note:
You will achieve a particularly natural effect if you apply the eyebrow cream in thin short lines.