Eyebrow Lifting Stick

Bright Beige
No. 2486.1
Creamy highlighter pencil for the eyebrow arches

The Eyebrow Lifting Stick creates the appearance of an instant eyebrow lift. The eyebrows appear to arch higher and the eyes look larger. This will give give eyes a wide-awake gaze. The soft, creamy texture is easy to apply and blends easily. Paraben and fragrance-free. The skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

Application note:
Use the Eyebrow Lifting Stick to draw a fine line underneath the eyebrow and blend the line into the skin. Keep the pencil sharp using the sharpener for the Eyebrow Lifting Stick.

Beauty note:
For especially brilliant looking eyes also apply the Eyebrow Lifting Stick in the inner corners of the eyes.