Eye Brow Powder

Chocolate Brown
No. 2480.4
Eyebrow set with two powders of different color, templates, and a brush set.

Two color coordinated eyebrow powders in a convenient set. Contains four templates (thick, thin, natural, and round) for precision and ease of application. After the powder application, eyebrows look even and natural; individualised styling is possible. The eyebrow powder defines the contour so that the brows appear fuller. The two powders can be mixed to achieve a custom eyebrow color.

Application note:
Use the brushes to shape your eyebrows. Place the eyebrow template on top of the eyebrow and firmly hold it down on both sides. Now use the brush to apply the eyebrow powder inside the template shape.

Beauty note:
The bevelled Eye Contour Brush works well for applying the fine finishing touch. We recommend fixing the eyebrow powder using our Tinted Eyebrow Gel.