Quick & Easy Brush Cleanser

Brush cleaner for the hygienic cleansing of cosmetic brushes.

The Quick & Easy Brush Cleanser removes make-up residue from brushes quickly and effectively – without any need to rinse. With hydrolized wheat protein, the cleanser ensures super-soft, glossy bristles whilst the alcohol content ensures thorough and hygienic cleaning. The Quick & Easy Brush Cleanser is especially soft and gentle to the bristles. It is suitable for use both on real hair and synthetic brushes. The fast-drying brush cleaner has a pleasantly fresh fragrance reminiscent of green tea and takes care of cosmetic brush cleaning in a jiffy. Contains 100 ml.

Application note:
Spray the brush cleaner onto a tissue and stroke the brush over the tissue until no residue is left behind.

Please see the safety instructions for the product here!