Soft Blending Brush

Round eye shadow brush with extremely soft tip for quick and simple blending

The Soft Blending Brush is a must-have eye shadow brush. This brush for professionals features 100 % natural hair bristles. The extra-soft tip makes it easy to quickly shade and blend powdery eye shadow. Extra-fine goat hair ensures that the brush picks up enough color and releases it evenly. The rounded shape perfectly conforms to the eye contours. The flexible bristles fan out widely to facilitate shading the eyelid fold.

Application note:
Pick up eye shadow with your blender brush and in a smooth movement, apply it evenly in the eyelid fold.

Beauty note:
Shading is essential for the creation of 'smokey eyes'. Soft brushes are a required tool for achieving this look. The Soft Blending Brush is well suited for this task because it fans out widely. This makes blending very easy.

The skin compatibility of Make up Factory

products is dermatologically approved.