Powder Brush

Top quality powder brush for the application of loose or pressed powder.

The tip of the Powder Brush is big and soft. This makes it easy to gently apply loose or pressed powder. Top quality goat hair ensures that the brush picks up enough color and releases it evenly. The flexible bristle tips ideally conform to the facial contours. The Powder Brush is suitable for the application of powder to large areas as well as for detailed contouring. The brush releases the powder in a fine even layer. This avoids a powdery appearance of your skin.

Application note:
Pick up a small amount of powder with your brush, then apply the powder to your face and blend it in.

Beauty note:
Apply the powder from the centre of the face in hair growth direction to avoid the 'powdery (stage) look'.

The skin compatibility of Make up Factory

products is dermatologically approved.