Multitalent Powder and Foundation Brush

2in1 brush for fluid and powdery textures

The Multitalent Powder and Foundation Brush is a practical 2in1 brush. The bristles consist of short goat hair mixed with long synthetic fibres. Therefore, the brush is suitable for liquid and for powdery textures. The dense short bristles of natural hair are perfectly suited for quickly covering large areas while the fine and long synthetic fibres are soft and ideal for applying powdery textures and highlights.
This is a multi-purpose brush for many types of application. Whether you work with only the outer tips of the bristles or put all bristles to use determines how much coverage you will achieve.

Application note:
For the application of foundation: Pick up a little product with your brush and use slight pressure to apply the product from the centre of your face outward.
For the application of powder: Pick up a little powder with just the tips of the bristles. Gently apply the powder to your skin.

Beauty note:
As finishing touch, gently 'polish' the skin surface using only the soft tips of the brush.
Use this brush also on arms, legs, and décolleté.

The skin compatibility of Make up Factory

products is dermatologically approved.