Multitalent Face Brush

Versatile face brush with slanted tip.

The new Multitalent Face Brush is a versatile, vegan brush with a slanted tip. It is ideal for liquid and creamy textures and is also suitable for cream blusher and fixing powder. The brush enables large, even and fast incorporation of the products and can also be used for contouring. Precise color pick-up and distribution means hardly any product loss. Thanks to the slanted shape, all parts of the face can be easily reached. The rubberised soft-touch grip surface makes application easy. Thanks to its high quality, the multi-talented Face Brush is particularly durable.

Application note:
Using the Multitalent Face Brush, apply the desired texture thinly from the centre of the face outwards.

Beauty note:
Also suitable for contouring. Can be used to apply cream blusher and fixing powder.