Lip Brush

Lip brush for the precise and even applications of lip color.

The lip brush consists of mixed high-quality Toray carbon fibres and marten hair. These fibres allow it to optimally pick up and apply lip color.
The excellent gripping power of the conical fine-tip guarantees professional lip-colouring results. The high-quality brush will last exceptionally long.

Application note:
Put a small portion of lipstick on a spatula. Use the lip brush to pick up some lip color and apply to your lips. You may also pick up the lip color directly from the lipstick for application.
Take care of your brush by washing the bristles with soap and ample warm water. Then place the wet brush on a flat horizontal surface and allow it to air-dry.

Beauty note:
Combining various lip products and colors creates exceptional lip colouring effects.

The skin compatibility of Make up Factory

products is dermatologically approved.