Eye Liner Brush

Fine brush for a precise eyelid line

The precision brush features top quality Toray bristles mixed with marten hair. It is ideal for drawing straight eyelid lines. The fine tip of the conical brush head resists deformation. This makes it easy to draw fine precision lines. This professional brush may be used for liquid, creamy or powdery eye-liners.

Application note:
Use the brush to pick up a small amount of eye-liner. Then apply the eye-liner in a fine line along the eyelash base.

Beauty note:
We recommend using a dry Eye Liner Brush to apply liquid or creamy eye-liner. The application of powdery eye-liner allows for variation in coverage. Use the dry brush for a natural finish and the slightly moist brush for a more dramatic finish.

The skin compatibility of Make up Factory

products is dermatologically approved.