Blending Eye Shadow Brush

Round eye shadow brush to shade and blend the eye make up

The Blending Eye Shadow Brush (blender brush) is particularly suited for the shading and blending of eye shadow powders. The combination of the finest natural hair and synthetic bristles ensures the optimal color application. The flexible bristle tips ideally conform to the eye contours. The brush tip retains its shape and releases the pigments evenly. Use slight pressure to pick up the powder. The Blending Eye Shadow Brush fans out. This makes it particularly easy to shade the eyelid fold.

Application note:
Pick up eye shadow with your blender brush and in a smooth movement, apply it evenly in the eyelid fold.

Beauty note:
Blending the eye shadow evenly is easier if you open the eye, place the brush tip into the eyelid fold and then use the fold as guide for your brush stroke.

The skin compatibility of Make up Factory

products is dermatologically approved.