Eye Shadow Applicator

Eye shadow applicator made of foam to apply eye shadow like a professional.

The Eye Shadow Applicator is made from high quality synthetic foam; it is particularly suitable for the quick creation of eye shadow with ample coverage. The oval tip makes it easy to apply eye shadow evenly without dust formation. The material excels through fine pores and the stability of its shape. The foam is washable. Two replacement applicators are enclosed.

Application note:
Use the applicator to pick up some eye shadow and apply it to the eye area in short strokes. Use the oval tip to optimally shade the eye contours.

Beauty note:
Use the tip or small edge to apply dark eye shadow to the upper and lower eyelash base for a smokey eye look. Application of dark Kajal stick prior to applying eye shadow will deepen the smokey eyes look.

The skin compatibility of Make up Factory

products is dermatologically approved.