June 2016

Unlimited Lips

UnlimitedLips, the collection for lip make up without limits. The new lip products by Make up Factory highlight the beauty of your lips with endless color intensity in an amazing range of tones with lasting coverage.

Irresistible lips in perfect colour harmony. Sixteen intense shades of Color PerfectionLip Liner and ten fantastic new colours of MagneticLips semi-mat& long-lasting are the perfect match for each other.

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  • The Beauty of Giving

    January 2017

    Doing good together: Müller and Make up Factory are starting the new year with a special campaign. A bestseller charity edition entitled "The Beauty of Giving" has been created, comprising the most popular products. When one of the products marked with a green charity heart is purchased, Müller and Make up Factory will donate 20% of the sales price to the SOS Children's Villages in Ecuador.

  • Dark Elegance of a Swan

    November 2016

    The lights are dimmed and the orchestra starts playing the first bars – the ballet gives rise to magical moments and the graceful dancers draw the audience under their spell. With its new collection Dark Elegance of a Swan, Make up Factory has captured this mysterious atmosphere. Dark blue to black tones, fascinating shimmer effects and intensive colors with metallic effect conjure up an exciting and glamorous look.

  • Memories of a Vintage Journey

    August 2016

    The collection Memories of a Vintage Journeywas inspired by the exclusive and luxurious atmosphere of the legendary Orient Express at the end of the 19th century. Exquisite leather suitcases, golden racks and velvet-upholstered chairs characterised the setting on the journey from Paris to Vienna. Exotic saffron yellow, intense dark red and deep blue have an elegant, yet simultaneously mysterious effect and echo the sense of adventure of the first train journeys.

  • Nude Evolution

    May 2016

    With the Nude Evolution collection, Make up Factory puts a new twist on the ‘nude’ trend. The three colour palettes ‘Nude meets Pink’, ‘Nude meets Apricot’ and ‘Nude meets Brown’ guarantee that everyone can find their very own natural look. Pink, apricot and brown shades bring natural emphasis to eyes, lips and complexion.

    For even more individuality, the different tones are also perfect for mixing and matching. The collection is finished off with some Basics for truly immaculate make up.

  • Follow your Eyes

    April 2016

  • Elements of the Ocean

    April 2016

    Immerse yourself in the depth of the oceans. The vast oceans and the magical colour play underneath its waves were the inspirations for the Make up Factory collection 'Elements of the Ocean'. Maritime colours like indigo blue, sparkling blue and turquois set off with coral shades are perfect for the beach look.

  • Secret Solutions

    March 2016

    The secret weapons used by professionals for perfect make up and incredibly pure skin await you with the new Make up Factory collection “Secret Solutions – Fix & Remove”.

    With the new Hydro Balance Fixing Spray, your make up is fixed perfectly and also balanced with moisturising skin care ingredients.

    In the evening you can remove your make up with no residue using the new Cream-to-Foam Make up Remover. Deep pore cleaning makes your skin radiant.

  • The Art of Shaping

    March 2016

    Make up Factory with "The Art of Shaping" presents a collection all around the delicate play with light and shadows.

    Contouring, the supreme discipline of make up and strobing, the new simpler trend in order to emphasize facial features using only a highlighter, are thetwo biggest trends this year. Contouring and strobing allow you to give your face more form and to emphasize your advantages.

The skin compatibility of Make up Factory

products is dermatologically approved.