July 2017

United in Beauty

Inspired by the most beautiful make-up around the globe, the new collection presents three international looks that emphasise the individual beauty of every woman! "Latin Glow" gives rise to a sensual look that looks wonderful on tanned skin, while "Nordic Attitude" captures the cool elegance of all northern European women. The "Oriental Night" look appears mystical and mysterious. A special highlight of the collection is the Art of Glow Stick that ensures a natural and fresh glow.

Beauty Guide

You can easily replicate the three international looks in the United in Beauty collection with these downloadable step-by-step instructions.

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  • Illusions of Nature

    November 2017

    Inspired by the beautiful nature of Iceland complete with its mystical forests and fascinating Northern Lights, Make up Factory presents the new Illusions of Nature collection. The new products conjure a range of enchanting effects, from intense glitter through shimmer all the way to iridescent color changes and holographic elements.

  • International Eyes Palette

    October 2017

    With the International Eyes Palette collection, Make up Factory presents six high-quality eyeshadow palettes, each with eight coordinated shades which reflect characteristic international eye make-up trends. Whether delicate pastel shades or rich colours, shimmer or matt, the new eyeshadow palettes enhance the individual features of every women whilst offering them the opportunity to discover new looks.

  • Balance of Colors

    September 2017

    With the collection "Balance of Colors", Make up Factory presents a new technique in the make-up world: color correcting. Blemishes on the skin such as redness, dark circles and sallow skin are now finally a thing of the past because the use of complementary colors can conjure up a perfect complexion in just a few steps! The collection of various colors and textures is a miracle weapon that helps any woman achieve the perfect make-up.

  • Spicy Lip Maximizer

    August 2017

    The new highlight for your lips: the Spicy Lip Maximizer with activating red pepper extract tingles slightly and provides tangibly more volume! The subtle tint emphasises the natural lip color and the lips are given a light, rosy sheen. An invigorating scent completes the Spicy Lip Maximizer.

  • Lip Secrets

    May 2017

    Discover the specialist in cared for, velvety soft, smooth lips! The secret? PREPARE, CARE, BOOST
    In three steps, four completely new products will give you seductively full and kissable lips. A gentle lip peeling and the smoothing primer prepare your lips optimally for everything that comes next. The 7 oils and fruit extracts in the lip elixir provide intensive care, while hyaluronic acid and collagen visibly boost your lips. Discover the most beautiful lips you've ever had!

  • Spirit of Ethno

    April 2017

    This combination of natural earthy tones with bright red to copper-colored nuances is strong and expressive. Tribal elements meet haute couture, rivets meet pearls – together they combine to form striking, feminine make-up. The limited edition Pearly Mat Lip Fluid provides highlights for the lips in four shimmering colors. The Sun complexion powder conjures up freshness for the cheeks in a new ethno look.

  • Lip Up

    March 2017

    With the Lip-up Super Repair Balm, you can expect the expert among lip care products. The intensive immediate help it provides assists effectively with dry, rough lips thanks to moisturising cocoa butter. It will give you velvety soft lips with a naturally shiny finish within a short space of time. The lip balm provides a pleasant, silky lip feel with a cooling and refreshing effect thanks to menthol and camphor. The eucalyptus-like fragrance completes the care experience.

  • Modern Tea Time

    February 2017

    "Time for Tea" is the motto of the new trend collection spring/summer from Make Up Factory. The modern interpretation of "Tea Time" combines classic elegance and subtle macaron colors with modern accents and fascinating color highlights. Pastel shades such as orchid, apricot, rosé and green meet an intensive strawberry red and the jazzy trend color lime green. The refreshing and invigorating yellow-green shade is also the PANTONE® Color of the Year 2017.

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