November 2016

Dark Elegance of a Swan

The lights are dimmed and the orchestra starts playing the first bars – the ballet gives rise to magical moments and the graceful dancers draw the audience under their spell. With its new collection Dark Elegance of a Swan, Make up Factory has captured this mysterious atmosphere. Dark blue to black tones, fascinating shimmer effects and intensive colors with metallic effect conjure up an exciting and glamorous look.

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A new look for every week of Advent

  • Lip Up

    March 2017

    With the Lip-up Super Repair Balm, you can expect the expert among lip care products. The intensive immediate help it provides assists effectively with dry, rough lips thanks to moisturising cocoa butter. It will give you velvety soft lips with a naturally shiny finish within a short space of time. The lip balm provides a pleasant, silky lip feel with a cooling and refreshing effect thanks to menthol and camphor. The eucalyptus-like fragrance completes the care experience.

  • Modern Tea Time

    February 2017

    "Time for Tea" is the motto of the new trend collection spring/summer from Make Up Factory. The modern interpretation of "Tea Time" combines classic elegance and subtle macaron colors with modern accents and fascinating color highlights. Pastel shades such as orchid, apricot, rosé and green meet an intensive strawberry red and the jazzy trend color lime green. The refreshing and invigorating yellow-green shade is also the PANTONE® Color of the Year 2017.

  • The Beauty of Giving

    January 2017

    Doing good together: Müller and Make up Factory are starting the new year with a special campaign. A bestseller charity edition entitled "The Beauty of Giving" has been created, comprising the most popular products. When one of the products marked with a green charity heart is purchased, Müller and Make up Factory will donate 20% of the sales price to the SOS Children's Villages in Ecuador.

The skin compatibility of Make up Factory

products is dermatologically approved.